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Friday 30 November 2012

NaNoWriMo Wrap Up

Last day of the event.
I hit 75,000 words today, seventy-thousand in a single month, thirty days, and I had two days off and barely wrote anythign on three days.
You got to admit that it's impressive. Sure it's also made me quite bored of that story and anything in that universe adn I can't wait to get back to something else, maybe the final book of TLC or a new idea that I've come up with that I really really wish I had time to do (I have nine other books to write I should really finish a couple of them before I'm allowed to put more work on my plate.)
However since it's so fresh in my mind I figure I'll give you guys the basic plot premise.

The new story would be based on a person from our world, from our time. He's not done much in his life. He works in a crappy office job for a manager that doesn't deserve their role. He spends all of his time playing computer games and fantasising about being somewhere else.
On his twenty sixth birthday he wins the lottery (or something equally money attaining) and finally decides to do something. He goes on a round the world trip with his best friend, planning to climb mountains, go hunting, see all the sights etc...
It all looks like it's going to be incredible but on one of the cruises or on one of the flights something goes wrong. the ship capsizes/plane crashes into the ocean and the two friends wake up on a beach. At first they think that they're just stranded, but very quickly they realise they're not on a normal island.
There are impossible creatures and plants, incredible sights that have never happened in nature. For a few days the characters try to survive, try to live off the island while they make preparations to be rescued. They have his bags from the crash with some survival gear that they'd brought from their worlds, they find an artifact that, like everythign else about the island, looks alien. A dark purple crystol shaped like an egg, but when the main character touches it it turns clear. On the way back to their camp after finding the artifact they run into some people. The inhabitants of the island, a society who worship their magic priests and kill all who do not convert to their faith. They capture them and take him back to their base, a small city of stone buildings like the aztec cities but new.
After days of torture and questions about the artifact the mages kill the friend and the main character explodes with magic and frees himself from his restraints, killing the people there, but falls unconscious. Rebels find the guy and free him, taking him back to their base camp.

The book would follow his story as he comes to grips with his new powers and tries to kill all of the mages as vengeance for what they did to his friend.

I haven't decided on the power set yet. I know I don't want to use anything I've used before. I was thinking something like shadow powers (shadow manipulation,) or phase powers (like a borderlands siren)
But I don't know.

Tubage-Very possibly the reason I came up with the above idea.
- James

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