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Wednesday 21 November 2012

Fourteen of Fifty Two


The Tenth Doctor

I've watched a lot of different doctors in my time. Chris Eccleson, Matt Smith, Paul McGann, I even remember some episodes of Peter Davidson and Tom Baker, but in my long time as an englishman watching this paragon of british television I've never seen a Doctor I've loved as much as the tenth, David Tennent's Doctor.

So far the actor with the most episodes as the Doctor (though smith is catching up and will overtake him next season) since it's re-boot in 2005, David Tennant's doctor has been a more relatable character than his pre-reboot incarnations. While still much larger than life, David Tennent's doctor isn't ridiculous. He's a sad, lonely old man with a genius intellect, a few quirky habits and a very strict moral code.
While Tennants successor seems perfectly happy to let people die so long as he doesn't have to actually do it himself, the tenth doctor always did whatever he could to save the lives of those around him, even his enemies.
Tennant offered one of his arch nemises, Davros, to come onto his ship to safety, even though he knew he'd just try to kill him later. Even after killing his daughter, the Doctor allowed the man who shot her to live in order to start the world off the way it was supposed to be.

Tennant's Doctor was compassionate, warm, friendly, curious and brilliantly intelligent. He loved and respected all life and when he got angry it was just a little bit scary. Not the shouty anger of Matt Smith's doctor, Tenent's anger was cold, calm and calculated. He knew exactly what he needed to do and his anger didn't slow him down.

David Tennant was my doctor. David Tennant was the human doctor.

Youtube video; Harvey Walbanger

P.S. I must get back in the swing of this. this post was marvelously pathetic.

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