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Monday 4 February 2019

Star Wars Rogue One: Comments

Star Wars Rogue One, comments while watching. Go!
1. this is the 4th film chronologically, eighth film made but not a numbered episode.
2.why no scrolling text? what do you think this is? some kind of non star wars film?
3. see that robot has a communicator built into it.
4. Jyn is told that she needs to escape so she grabs the cuddly toys. Priorities...
5. that is a family that likes their blue milk.
6. why didn't they park closer? that is a LONG way to march, and it gives the guy they're hunting way too much opportunity to snipe their leader and kill him.
7. what do they know about the force?
8. it's a good thing Galen has no gun, he could have killed Krennic
9. Lyra shoulda shot him. she had every chance. Shoot first gloat later.
10. A significant portion of her head was visible when she was watching.
11. it's a good thing saw Gerrera's armour is already kitted out to carry that oxygen mask around.
12. he just straight up shot his mate there. I thought the rebellion were supposed to be the nice ones. all sunshine and rainbows. I guess this is the dark side of the moon here.
13. that is a big jedi statue.
14. that robot is the best.
15. I feel like they would call themselves the alliance not the rebels. Alliance intelligence rather than Rebel intelligence.
16. the robot reminds me of the one from hitchhikers guide.
17. saw is pretty messed up. the pilot hasn't even spoken yet and he's already shouting lies.
18. he doesn't know what saw gerrera looks like how come he recognises him now.
19. ugh sgi tarkin... I genuinely thought they'd just keep him facing the other way, make him more of a mysterious element.
20. Saw Gerrera is gonna be real embarrassed when he realises he just sent a legitimate new recruit with tons of useful information insane.
21. oh look its those two criminals, I wonder if we'll ever see them again.
22. man those rebels are dangerous, very reckless. don't they care about the unaffiliated that they hurt? I guess not. They didn't seem to give a damn about that child.
23. she's hitting their blaster 'proof' armour with a stick...
24. thye guardians of the crystals are pretty rubbish. also not that useful in the city away from the crystal caves.
25. these really are the dregs of the rebels.
26. I mean, I get what saw was doing leaving her behind, but leaving her behind on a deserted planet with only a knife? thats... that's a little harsh.
27. "It's not a problem if you don't look up." - I think you're oversimplifying the issue miss Jyn.
28. "we need a statement not a manifesto." Translation: "we can't blow up a whole planet, not until Episode 4 so that film gets the impact."
29. The pilot must have a mind of steel to survive that monster with sanity intact.
30. if they're only using 1 weapons generator why is it still firing all 6 beams?
31. "there's a problem on the horizon; there's no horizon."
32. What bullshit is this that saw doesn't want to run anymore? like your not making a stand your literally just dying. Nobody you want to know will know. and nobody will give a crap.
33. making the jump to lightspeed in the atmosphere cannot be safe. you could easily hit any of those pieces of rubble at light speed.
34. it was a little stick in the side of the holo projector why didn't she just grab it?! I know the city was exploding, but still.
35. So I checked and the blind guy isn't a jedi so how does he see the force moving around cassian?
36. I can't tell if Galen should want to let the scientists die or not.
37. Cassian should snip Krennic.
38. people keep telling him he'll never win. they give him plenty of time to listen as well.
39. She probably shouldn't have run out and yelled father in front of everyone.
40. Nope. how does a blind man shoot down a spaceship? I don't care how good the force is. He's not a jedi.
41. how crap are a tie fighters shields that a crossbow destroyed it?
42. the way Galen's leg is bent back does not look safe.
43. the not-jedi asian dudes arrived at a timely moment.
44. I wouldn't mind learning more about Cassian's past. he's way more interesting than Jyn.
45. "You can't talk your way around this." is what you say when you know you're actually in the wrong but are still too mad to say anything.
46. There's a lot of lava on this world, I hope nobody lays down near the rivers. Liable to get burned.
47. It's a damn good thing those guards around vader's bacta tube are loyal, he is a sitting duck without his arms and legs on.
48. "careful not to choke on your aspirations director" he says choking the director. That's pun master Vader there folks, proving he did learn something from Obi Wan.
49. Jyn goes from 'go away and leave me alone' to 'Rebellions are built on hope' in 3.25 seconds. those rebels have been a bad influence on her.
50. those fish people are aggressive.
51. "Jyn. I'll be there for you. Cassian said I had to."
52. it just sounds insincere when she says it.
53. "Your friend. The Jedi." "Yes, he served me well in the clone wars. Since then he has lived in hiding. I will send for him." I wonder who he means. Probably Mace Windu
54. do you think this plan is where they got the plan for the endor battle.
55. k-2 really is the best.
56. why did Lyra have a lightsaber crystal for a necklace? was she a jedi?
57. it's a good thing that all the empire uses skinny white guys. This deception would not have gone far if they'd sent out a big black dude for Cassian the tiny to impersonate.
58.I don't feel like Jyn and the 2 monk dudes have been through enough together for one to call her his little sister.
59. why did Jyn just endanger their mission by lowering her visor and revealing her face? was it so that we knew it was her? cos I don't feel like we're that stupid.
60. I know that corridor its on the jubilee line. Canada water I think.
61. that gun of Baze's must be either really old or really powerful to require that external power source he's carrying around.
62. why do they insist on giving the blind man a gun?
63. that crossbow of Chirrut’s blew up a tie fighter but it doesn’t even knock back the storm trooper who it hit.
64. what are R2 and 3PO doing standing around I know for a fact that they're on the Raddus' ship with Leia.
65. its nice that they used gold and red leaders footage from episode 4.
66. gotta love the way that At.At just shrugs off the rocket launcher attack.
67. "All rebel frequencies are blocked!" use imperial frequencies?
68. It's nice to see what the rebels can do against At-ats when they're not hindered by a world that's too cold for x-wings.
69. what were all those ties waiting for? why are they only now attacking?
70. the mon calamari bridge seems really dangerous with all those windows around the captain.
71. well there goes red 5. I guess we now know why there was an opening in the rebel red team for luke.
72. Why on earth did he walk around that pilar like that, getting the cable stuck like that?
73. Bye bye K-2 saddest moment in the movie.
74. I feel like there was a reason that the hard drives were in closed off rooms, like maybe they needed a specialised environment. the static could destroy the data. that would be a rubbish ending, huh? they get all the way to send it but its been corrupted.
75. Why does she just happen to have a hard drive carrying belt?
76. So here's what I would have liked to learn about Chirrut and Baze; I wanted to learn that Baze, not Chirrut was once a Jedi and Chirrut was his padawan (or something). After order 66 Baze lost all faith in the force and in his despair his connection diminished/vanished. His padawan, however never lost faith and spent the rest of their time together trying to rekindle his old masters belief and only in his death after doing the impossible, walking to that com tower and turning on the master switch does his faith return. Then he destroys all those stormies using his force senses and his gun.
77. what purpose could possibly be served by that door that opens and closes like that?
78. I'm not sure that's exactly how physics works. if a small thing pushes a big thing into a big thing I feel like the small things force wouldn't be enough to tear the big thing in half. it'd be like me using 1 finger to push your fist into another fist and expecting it to cause serious damage to the other fist, no?
79. reset antenna alignment? but I swear that's how it was before anyone started fighting. that's just what the antennae was like.
80. every member of the erso family has told Krennic he will lose.
81. I hope they have backups of all the information on scarif, but at the same time if they do then why did they need to spend all that effort infiltrating? why not go for an easier base?
82. is the death star just bad at aiming or did it shoot miles out to sea for dramatic effect?
83. the ship with the plans should probably have been the first out not the last.
84. You know, I wish just one member of Rogue one had survived. Doesn't need to even be an important one, the pilot would have done, or that indian kid, but it woulda been nice if 1 of them had gotten to episode 4.
85. okay even if this whole film was awful if it had this one scene where Vader fights through the ship its worth it. the only real time you see his skills.
86. I don't like that they put leia's CGI face in this. it's so unnecessary.
And that is the end of rogue one. so far it has the least complaints from me. I like this film but I see what people mean when they talk about how they don't like how much of a departure from the original movies it is. the main star wars films with the exception of Empire, are nice fun fantastical adventures, then you watch this film and it's a world war 2 documentary.
Great film though. And now we are done with Comments.
If you read through all of these then congratulations you earn this you tube video:

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- James

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