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Friday 6 March 2015

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So for the last two months, ever since I returned to work my job criteria has had a dramatic shift from Lead QA tester, running a team of 4 people overseeing the quality of the companies primary money making game, 'Hungry Shark Evolution', to primary designer on the project.

It's been a very dramatic shift, but one that's been going really well for me. For the first time in about 4 and a half years I'm loving my job, more than I expected to. I've been wanting to be a designer since I was in university, but I'd always thought of it in creative terms, putting together docs based on ideas of fun content to put into the game, but then I started work as a designer. The majority of what I've done so far has been back end documentation, coming up with ways of improving user flows, getting through user interfaces, documenting how the advertising will work in game. When i was first asked to write one of these more technical documents my first thought was "F@£#" but then I started putting them together and I enjoyed them.

It wasn't just a boring document about making things easier for a user, it was interesting and challenging, using logic and common sense to figure everything out so that there were no ways that a player could get somethign screwed up. No way that a player could get into a bad situation. Make sure that the user completely understood what was happenning and make sure that the player could always get out of it.

And for the most part I've had really good feedback on everything I've designed. I've had great feedback on my progress and as far as I know there's only been positives on what I've done. Of course some of the things I put into designs might get questioned or someone might think its a bad idea, but that's not a bad thing. It's a discussion. I explain my case, they explain theirs, we see who gets swayed by the others opinion.

It's taken up a lot of my time since I moved over, and I'm doing a lot more. But I've started to get into a pretty good pattern now though, so I'm beginning to do things I enjoy again. Playing games, writing, going out to movies, blogging.
This isn't another one of those 'Sorry I've been away I'm back for good now' things. You've had enough of those and they never end up being true. This is a 'this is whats been happenning with me, how are you?' post.
I initially started writing this blog so that I could talk about myself, what I'm going through, talk about things that interest me, how my writings going, and so that's what this is. What I'm going through, talking about things that interest me, not so much how my writings going, but... yeah.

It's good to talk again.

- James

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