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Wednesday 4 March 2015

Lootcrate Feb 2015 "Play!"

Hey guys, it's Lootcrate time again!

This months theme was 'Play' and it was a pretty good haul;

So i really quite liked this one, partly because I'm a nerd and can pretend that I like playign with people, partly because it announced to me that theres a Firefly Online game coming, but mostly because Ready Player One has been on my amazon 'buy this book and read it' list for about a year. Now it can just jump straight into the queue of books I have and want to read, right behind Reki Kawahara's Sword Art Online book 2 (which is behind my current read, Michael Crichton's Lost world) and just in front of George Orwell's 1984.

In general though, its a pretty fun box, I especially like the card game, Superfight, which seems to be the latest in a line of Cards Against Humanity style games where the players have fun with their words and imaginations rather than working from a very specific rule sheet.

Also in this box, you may have noticed I got my Lootcrate members card and I had no idea what it is, but having searched the googles a bunch it seems that it's a card that looters get on their 3rd-5th loot crate. You take this card to conventions and stuff and they will give you free things. I don't really know what, but one person mentioned Pop Bobble heads, other people talked about plushies. It all sounds like a cool group to be in, not I just have to find out about hteir conventions!
Looking forward to next months crate, the theme seems to be spies.

- James

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