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Thursday 9 January 2014

Merry January

Hello everyone, welcome back!
As you can see you didn't miss much while you were away. Yes, you, I was here the entire time. The only reason I didn't post anything was because I didn't want you to miss anything. I didn't want you to miss anything while you were away. It's not because I was lazy, nor because I was busy playing on the PS4.
Nope. Not at all.

So welcome back! Happy new year!
How were your holidays? Did you get anything nice for Christmas? have fun over new year? well that's about to end! Time to get back to work, time to start making yourself a better person for the new year.

New Years Resolutions!

So last year I had;
  1.  Finish my three main books/stories (The Longest Cycle trilogy, Dark Prince and A change in the Wind)
  2. Get below 13st (189lbs) - weight loss, probably the most common resolution of them all.
  3. I will not make up any excuse not to go out.
  4. Blog at least three times a week (starting today)
  5. Learn something new every month.
Of this I completed one of them.
I did not finish The Longest Cycle, nor Dark Prince but I did finish a change in the wind (which was re-named On the Hunt).
I did not get below 189lbs, however I did gain a stone since last year.
I didn't make up any excuses to go out, so I completed that one, yay!
I did not blog three times every week. Most weeks I succeeded, but there were a few where I failed :(
I learned something new for the first couple of months but... yeah, it got time consuming and I started working again. I did learn to tie knots, I learned to pick locks and audio editing.

SO I gave money to the Royal Lifeboat Association and Childrens Miracle Hospitals in recompense.

This year I'm going to narrow my focus to losing weight and finishing Hunter Book 2 and the Longest Cycle Trilogy.
At this point I just want to get down to below 14st, I'll still be fat, but I will fit in my clothes again!
I'm enjoying Hunter, and I think its a good series, so it deserves to be written.
TLC has been going on so long now that it just needs to be finished. Screw Book 2, I'm finishing book 3 then I'll go back.

So that's my new year, TLC, Hunter 2 and Losing weight.

Happy new year, see you next time.

- James

P.S. the podcast - starting with the Christmas podcast that I totally didn't forget to post on Christmas day - will resume Wednesday.

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