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Monday 5 August 2013

Speaking without saying

So the new Doctor who lead character 'The Doctor' has been cast. You would think that that would be the main crux of my blog post today, however I'm going ot shut up and say nothing. Partly because we don't know what's going to happen. We don't know what he's gonna be like. We don't know anything and it would be foolish to comment on something we don't know anything about. But also because I have a 30 minute podcast on it coming out on Wednesday.

I'm not sure what else to talk about today, that was really the big thing in geek news and I'm covering it later in the week. I could write a blog post about doctor who in general, or about the previous doctors and what Peter Capaldi has to live up to, but I think I've spoken enough in the past about doctor who and my fan-girlish love of it so I don't really feel I need to say anything. It's a huge role to fill and I hope that he does well.

I could talk about how excited I am to get the next Dresden Files audiobook next month, or how I'm reading the Desden Files comic book series and I'm finding it all ridiculously entertaining, but there's not much to say and I've pretty much already said it.

Again I could talk about what I've been doing to get published lately, but theres only so many times you can say 'I'm editing' and have it be interesting. I have had 4 rejection letters back so far, which is a good thing right? the more rejections I get the more likely I am to be published... no? that's not how it works? But... shit.
I did just have someone else read it and they were thoroughly entertained, hanging on every word from start to finish. Admittedly that person was my mother and she's a crime fiction nerd.

Really this post is just a post for the sake of posting isn't it? Well that's probably not a good thing.
Quick, I need a positive message... something people can say was worth reading... um... um... Sexism is bad? Screw it, that will do.

Talk to you on Wednesday!

- James

P.S. How fun was that? I wrote 6 paragraphs and didn't say a thing!

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