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Wednesday 16 January 2013

Twenty-Five of Fifty-Two


Chameleon Circuit

Music, weird right? Who knew there could be geeky music out there? Well, I guess anyone with two working brain cells could have guessed, but a band specifically devoted to Doctor who? Yes ok, I'm pretty late to this particular party but come on, how could they not make it onto this list?

Chameleon Circuit, incase you couldnt guess from the previous paragraph, are a band that exclusively plays songs about Doctor Who. The Band consists ofyoutube musicians Alex Day, Charlie McDonnell, Ed Blann, Liam Dryden and Michael Aranda (formerly Chris Beattie was a member but left in 2009).

Their music ranges in styles, theres some poppy stuff, some rocky stuff and some more original stuff in there. The music is entirely centred around the British show 'Doctor Who', however the specific subject varies often, sometimes they write songs about season finales, sometimes about specific aspects of the show (i.e. the Tardis has it's own song entitled 'Type 40') they even have a song about the history of Gallifrey.

The music is fun, energetic, well writen (having no knowledge of music I admit that might be a lie, but I like it and so do far too many teenage girls who probably don't watch doctor who so I think it's a safe bet that they aren't all bad... or so I hope.).

I recomend giving them a listen if your a doctor who fan or not. And if your not I recomend becoming one.

- James
P.S. A song I love that never made it into their albulm

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