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Monday 10 September 2012

The Return

So yeah I've been in Norway for a while, it was surprisingly fun, we went hiking, we went on rafting, some of us went fishing but it didn't really interest me, there was a little bit of mountain climbing and it left me wanting to find a bow and kill animals for their meat.
Weirdly, I'm being serious.
But I've been back a few days now so I'm starting to remember that you can just buy meat at shops for less than your entire life savings (seriously, food in Norway is ridiculously overpriced compared to here).

This week I'll be doign two of 52s, to make up for last weeks conspicuous absence, but for now I have some pretty pictures to distract you all with.


I hope the pretty pictures appeased you, it was near life threatening to get a few of them.

- James

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