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Saturday 15 September 2012

It's Magical

I was going to write up a post yesterday, but after watching the news and seeing all the riots in islamic countries I found myself too annoyed. I knew that I'd go on a fairly exquisite rant about my atheism, about religious law, about insanity and I'd probably slide way off topic to have a go at fundamentalist christians, maybe even lumping all christians in with them, and that's not something I like to do.

So I waited until today.
Two days ago I went to The Making of Harry Potter studio tour in London. I actually really enjoyed myself, and as you probably already noticed I've posted a selection of my one-hundred-and-thirty photos below.
It was crazy how much effort went into those eight films, from the animatronics to the acting, from the special effects to the visual effects. There was also a lot that I didn't know, didn't realise and still probably don't understand.
A good example of this is that the door for the chamber of secrets, contrary to popular belief, isn't a computer generated effect, it's actually mechanical. The snakes all move on rails. Just like real snakes, their skin is made of lots of individual scales, allowing them to move along the tracks.

Fun fact; originally the floating candles in the great hall were hanging from cables, but they kept breaking and falling on the kids in the great hall, so they removed most of them and replaced them with Computer Generated candles.
Another fun fact; people that work in places like Harry Potter Experience are somewhat mental.

Anyway, here are the pictures, enjoy;

Yes, there were a lot of them.

- James

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