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Thursday 23 April 2020

Lock down lock in.

So I've been in lock down for just over a month now and in an attempt to keep the seething madness at bay I've been searching for entertainment.
I've been completing about a game a week, playing D&D online with my friends and I just got the complete collection of Stargate SG-1 and I have to say; the pilot is one of the best Pilots, from a strictly narative perspective, that I've ever seen.
It quickly sets up the stakes, the villains, the characters.
It sets up the motivations for everyone in a clean way from Jack and Daniel's search for their kidnapped friends to the governments search for technology and strategic advantage to defend themselves from the oncoming threat.
It even and even introduces short term plots in teal'c's defection and Kawalski's infection. And most of that is through show don't tell.
Not only that, but Sam carter is still one of the strongest female characters I've seen on tv, they address she's a girl and don't take away from that in the annoying ways that other shows do (like making a female 'badass' character super butch so she's basically a man), allowing her to remain feminine and still a serious military officer, and then after the first interaction it's not a thing, she's just one of the team.

Honestly I was surprised by how well the whole thing held up.

In other news I've completed 5 games in my first 5 weeks of quarantine (Control, Infamous First Light, Beyond 2 Souls, Titanfall 2 and God of War) and now i'm taking a week off.
This has been a much shorter much more informal post, and I think I might do more like this. Also have the long ones about games and stuff, but when I dont have much going on I'll try to be okay with just a little how its going post like this.

Hope everyone's holding up well.
Take care.
 - James

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