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Monday 17 August 2015

Lootcrate June 2015 "Cyber"

June Lootcrate was pretty good compared to last month. Still a couple of things I didn't care about but mostly it was pretty cool. Check it out;

So this crate was full of stuff that made me think "This would be great, If...". There were some cool things in this crate, the t-shirt for one, even if I'm nto a fan of transformers, anything I can wear is always a plus.
I also loved the mousemat, though I would have prefered it if they hadn't bent it in half. Makes it impossible to use as a gaming mat.
If I was a fan of Terminator I'd have loved the keyring and maybe even the skull. If I'd been about 15 years older I'd have understood the replicant fabric patch. If I had a gun I'd have been able to use the cylon targets.
It was all good stuff just not a lot for me.

I have July I just need to get around to uploading it.


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