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Tuesday 30 June 2015


Recently I've been having a hard time coming up with new ideas. I've had trouble getting motivated to write. I've struggled for inspiration. It's been bothering me for some time now that Maybe I'd lost the ability. My friends say I havent and that it's not possible, btu it genuinely worries me.
I havent really writen anything cool or interesting or even jus fun in a long time. a year or more.
And I still havent. I don't see any way of fixing that.
But I have decided to go back to an old project that I always liked and never finished.
Do you remember Hunter?
You do? good. that makes this easier.

I finished the first book and started sending it out to agents but at the same time I started working on a second book. Originally it was a Nanowrimo but it had a lot of potential so I've gone back to it. The funny thing is I've noticed a bunch of plot points, sub plots, that I started but I have absolutely no idea where they go.
For example;
“Hm?” She stops turning around to look at me. “Oh, fine. Just a little tired.”
“I haven’t been sleeping well.” She sighs. “I think-”
“Hello?” a voice comes from out in the waiting room.
“Ah, this will be your nine-thirty.” she says, happy to change the subject. “Excuse me.”
“Okay.” I say, frowning as she walks to the door. “If you need to talk about… whatever is giving you sleepless nights, you can come to me any time.”
She smiles a little. “Thank you. I will think about it.”

I am absolutely certain that this was goign somewhere. I know for a fact that at some point I was supposed to come back to it and find out why she doesnt sleep. But what exactly it is thats wrong. Whatever is keeping her awake... I havent got a clue.
Is she having nightmares about her abusive childhood? Is there a neighbour blaring music all night? does she secretly have a crush on the author? who knows.
I have to decide whether I want to cut it or figure something out. Its so minor, and the book is already bloated with plots - who killed the victim, who stole the painting, why is hunter such a child about meeting his girlfriends parents, is he going to ruin the relationship, who ordered the art theft, whats wrong with his daughter, hows his relationship with his sister developing, whats going on with Tony Dimarco, and a half dozen other plots that in the end are supposed to fold back into one - I might aswell cut it, but I feel like it was important. Or like it was going to be important eventually.

It's also quite fun to read something you wrote 2 years ago and be impressed wiht how you wrote a section, or think 'actually, it would work SUPER well if this thing happened' only to realise that I'd writen this thing in the next sentence.
Quite funny to read my comments to myself aswell, things like "Isn't this reversed?" and "This but well written, James."
I like hunter, and I'm going to keep going, but I'm still worried abotu my writing abilities.

- James

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