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Friday 2 January 2015

LootCrate Dec 2014 "Aniversary!"

Recently i signed up to the Nerd Phenomena known as Lootcrate. It costs a little more for me than our American cousins as I have to pay much higher postage, but it's still pretty cool and I just recieved my first one!

For those who don't know; Lootcrate is a monthly box of nerdy goodness. It can literally be anything nerdy. They have a theme and there will be things in the box that fit with a number of nerd franchises. They also do a Mega loot crate where one person a month gets a super badass awesome crate with a worth up in the thousands. But its unlikely you'll ever see that in the flesh.

So here is my first Crate:

So that's the contents of my first Lootcrate. Not amazing, but it's a nice indicator of what's to come.
I liked the tetris stickers. And I'm wearing hte socks right now. So it can't be all bad!

I'm going to keep buying them at least for six months. We'll see how it improves or deteriorates.



- James

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