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Wednesday 30 April 2014

Complete World Project

Last week kind of vanished on me. Not sure where it went. No idea in fact. It was here one minute and I was thinking about writing a post about this idea I came up with and then it was the following Monday and I was totally confused.
Even worse than that I realised all this yesterday and suddenly I was going to bed after only writing the post title.
So I apologise for my failure to post. I'd like to say it wont happen again but I'm going camping for 4 days in 3 weeks and going to America for 16 days in just under 3 months.
That's right; I bought my tickets and my hotels. California for 4 days, Las Vegas for 2 and then a half ton of national parks! It looks like it's going to be super fun time extravaganza and I'll be blogging about it when I'm there and when I get back. Also we'll be doing the first in the new series of Stuff and Things. Not sure what the first topic will be but if you have any suggestions leave a comment or e-mail me at with the subject line 'SNT'

SO! what I wanted to talk about, the idea I had;

Complete World Project.

So I had an epiphany over the weekend... the weekend before last. Fantasy worlds are designed by a single person. Yes there are some that were made by a group but for the most part they were created by a person with a focus on a single main area. Yes they look at other areas now and again but for the most part its one specific area that is important.

I have a theory that one person can't make a full fantasy world anywhere near as well as multiple people.
Each nation was started by someone completely different, and so every nation has differences, just like people. whether its their traditions, their laws or even just their way of thinking, every nation is different.
In the modern world television and such makes countries start to blur together, but in an era when the world didn't have such ways of showing the entire population what another population is like it would be significantly more difficult to spread a way of life without an invasion or a take over.
I've been thinking about this for a while and I think it's an interesting idea, an interesting point.
I want to see what other people come up with when they think about a fantasy setting. I want to know what people think their city, their country would be like if they put it into someone else's world.

If you think this is a good idea then leave a message in the comments or e-mail me at with the subject line 'CWP' and I'll look into setting up some sort of forums.


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