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Friday 21 February 2014


I've been doing a lot of game reviews recently so I thought I'd take a minute to give some advance notice of games I'll be looking at. This way at least if you're getting excited for something you'll know when/if I'll be taking a look.
Well, this weekend I may or may not be playing Wildstar, it's uncertain as their Non Disclosure Agreement is still heavily in place and I wont be able to talk about it whether I play it or not. So I guess theres no reason to mention it... except that I'm really looking forward to the game eventually coming out. it looks like a lot of fun, and like it's mixing up the MMO mechanics really nicely and in a way that brings a breath of freshness to the genre.
If you haven't seen it check it out here,

I've been playing Toukiden for a week or so now and I'm enjoying it, but I haven't played enough to give a good review. Next week I hope I'll be able to do a review. It's fun, a lot like monster hunter but with a more eastern overlay. Where Monster hunter had dragons, dinosaurs and reptiles Toukiden has demons of all varieties. If you want to check it out here's their website,

Thief 4 is the latest game coming out on the PS4 and it'll be out next Friday so I'm hoping for some fun with that. I didn't play the old games but it seems to have all the things I've liked from other games like Dishonoured, Bioshock and things like it. Not so much magic powers, but multiple ways to do things, realistic stealth. I'm hoping to hit it hard on the weekend it's out and write up a review the following week. Here's their website,

I started playing Killzone Shadowfall recently and while so far the story is a little generic and confusing it looks very nice, so I'll definitely give it a good chance and write up my thoughts at some point. either the week after Thief or if I'm not ready for reviewing thief I'll do it in it's place.
The last game on my list I'm not sure when I'm going to play. I don't like scary games. I'm not good with scary films. Things that scare me in general... not good. It's strange, I'm not the sort of person to believe in the fantastical and yet this stuff... well it freaks me out and that's why I want to play it on camera. the problem of course is I only have to show from my PS4 (which I have it on) and at the moment they don't archive from the PS4. I'm not sure when I'll be taking a look at this, when I do I'll let you know.


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