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Sunday 8 December 2013

Top 15

So I saw on my facebook that I had a note titled 'top 15 games of all time' and I wanted to have a look, It was an interesting list but I wondered if I did it today if I'd give the same result. I mean, there are a lot of games that have come out since and I'm a very different person.
So here's my new list:

1. Elder Scrolls Oblivion
2. Kingdom Hearts 1 + 2
3. Pokemon Yellow
4. Bioshock
5. Batman Arkham City
6. Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic 1
7. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1
8. Mass Effects 1 + 2 (only excluding 3 because of how little your choices meant at the end)
9. Day of the Tentacle
10. Ultimate Spiderman
11. Final Fantasy VIII
12. Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2
13. The Secret World
14. Star Wars The Old Republic
15. Borderlands 2

This was my old list:

1. Goldeneye
2. Ocarina of Time
3. Day of the tentacle
5. Kingdom Hearts 1+2
6. Devil May Cry 1
7. Star Wars Galaxies (Pre-Combat 'upgrade')
8. Oblivion Elder Scrolls
9. Fallout 3
10. Command and Conquor Red Alert
11. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1+2
12. Mass Effect 1+2
13. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
14. Pokemon yellow
15. Dungeon Keeper

So I wrote the new list before posting the old list so I couldn't remember what was there, just incase I cheated off it.
It's interesting that some of them remained (Day of the Tentacle, FFVIII, Oblivion, KOTOR, Mass Effect, and Pokemon Yellow) while the rest vanished, yet looking at the list I still agree with it, they are all amazing games that definitely moulded me into the person I am now.
Goldeneye was one of the best early FPSs, it was great, I spent ridiculous amounts of time on it, but things have moved on since then. I think Modern Warfare 1 is a worthey successor, in my opinion its the pinnacle of FPS games of our time.
Ocarina of Time was great, the first real action adventure game I ever played and every time theres a new console with it I invariably buy it. But The secret World is a massively Multiplayer online game with an amazing level of depth and I it looks incredible.
Devil May Cry 1 was one of the most difficult games I ever played, but I beat it. It had a great story, it had amazing gameplay, Batman Arkham City just happened to be both better and nerdier.
Star Wars Galaxies had one of my favorite set ups, it had the potential to allow the player to have a completely unique character. they didn't need to be a cookie cutter character, but then they changed it, and what they changed it to made no sense. TOR does make sense and it's stories, its worlds, they're all amazing. I feel like my character is alive in TOR and I love it.
Fallout 3 was a great post apocalyptic world, it was huge and felt like you were truly on your own, but Borderlands 2 did the same thing but better. They made me laugh.
Command and Conquer was a great Real Time Strategy game, red alert was probably the pinacle of it's type, but Dragon age made it so that you didn't have to look down at un-named, un-attachable people for real time strategy. it concentrated it into a few and it worked amazingly, making me care and letting me build true relationships.
Jedi Academy was great and it was geeky, but it's gameplay and its story fell behind Ultimate Spiderman, not to mention the humour. Hell, even Ultimate's geek factor out stripped Academy.
Finally Dungeon Keeper. It doesn't really have any corrolation to Bioshock, I just liked Bioshock more. Doesn't mean I wouldn't buy Dungeon keeper again if I saw it.

So yeah, all great games, but its interesting how I've changed since September 2010.
Do you have a 15 favourite games?


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