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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Stuff And Things 2 - EOTWAWKI

This weeks podcast is on the subject of the End of the World.

The following podcast player and itunes subscriber don't work on iphone/pod, you need a pc to be able to set up the subscription (if you know how to fix that I'll be happy to take your advice) but below there's a direct link to the mp3 to listen on mobile

- James

P.S. I realise that in the podcast I say that the nazis were involved in world war one, however I was simply trying to beat Liz. However I would like to point out that the conversation was about secret organisations working behind the scenes. How do you know that the Nazi's weren't there doing just that? Yes yes the Nazis didn't originate until after World war 1... As far as you know... Don't you find it strange that the Nazi's were there just at the right moment? right when Germany could be used to take on the rest of the world?
Perhaps the Nazis weren't there until after WW1. Or perhaps they were, working behind the scenes to create a situation that would let them rise to power and you didn't know about it. Perhaps that's why it was called a 'secret organisation'.

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