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Friday, 18 January 2013

Today on Stuff and Things...

So as promised before the new year I have begun recording a podcast with a friend of mine, Rix. It's still in the early stages and neither of us have professional equipment (though when I get money I intend to buy a pro mic with a cover) and there are a few too many bits where we clearly weren't prepared, but I think it went well.

I'd like to say 'here it is' but we haven’t recorded intros or outros yet, nor have we posted it online. It'll be up at some point, but we want to get a few of them set up so we have a buffer these first few weeks.

I can, however, tell you that the podcast (entitled 'Stuff and Things') this week was on the subject of 'so in the zombie apocalypse...'
We talk about what we specifically would do, what we'd like to do and how we think, truthfully we'd do (i.e. how long would we survive?). I think it's an interesting talk and the people (person) who've listened found it funny, so go us!

We'll be recording another tomorrow and then hopefully start posting them online next Friday. If anyone has any advice on gear/programs (preferably free) I would love to hear it. Hit up the comments.

So in other news I've been doing a lot of writing since I got back. Book two of TLC (The Rebel Leader) is complete. Now I'm working on book three (The Eidolon Exemplar). I had intended to have a break from TLC after I completed book 2 to try and finish A Change in the Wind, book one of the Tales of the Hunter, but after spending a month writing 75k of Ghosts of Galledar I was just sick of that universe and needed some good old fashioned Rebellion activity.

Now however I am editing/writing Book 3 of TLC. It's a lot harder than the other books as I haven't finished it. Before all I was doing was editing and adding chapters where I need it, but this one, while it is complete it's complete as a part of another book. It’s only about 1/3 as long as the others and needs to be lengthened with new stories, new characters, and expansions of other things.

To this end I've done something I wasn't intending to do until story two or three and explore Mikriel's history. It's an interesting little story jumping through the most relevant pieces of his history from his first life.

Hopefully it'll be good.

Have a good weekend all

Saw-these-two-for-the-first-time-yesterday-and-couldn't-stop-laughing.  - I'd seen them both in different tv-shows/films but never together, turns out they can be pretty hilarious. most of it NSFW tho.
- James

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